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The Big Picture…


Our donation of 20% profits is just the beginning. We are investing the other 80% back into growing Earth Pulse. As we get more established, we will incrementally increase the percentage of profits we donate, until we hit 50%.


Thanks for starting this journey with us. Together we can be changemakers and use our buying power to make a significant impact on alleviating poverty.


Next stop, we’ll be supporting rural agriculture projects in India - giving back to the country supplying our beautiful lunchboxes.


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It is with great satisfaction that we have partnered with this project as the first recipient of our 20% of profits. As we are just starting out, we wanted to choose a project that would be significantly impacted by the relatively humble donation we will generate from our early sales.

This project is run by a dear friend of ours , Georgina Abrahams. We have been deeply touched by the personal sacrifice she has made to keep this project running for close to a decade. What started off as an informal lunch for a handful of women has today grown to serve over 80 women each week, where so much more is on offer than a meal. 


Many of these women are fleeing domestic violence and with the closure of many women’s refuges in the city, the women have nowhere safe to go. Georgina’s lunch project has provided a valuable opportunity for these women to network and support each other, form important friendships and source housing in tough times. Georgina has also sourced permanent housing for 35 women and their children.


You can read an article about this project in its earlier stages here


Georgina has largely funded this project herself with her paid work, with some small donations from friends, family and local businesses - and she has mastered the art of stretching meagre finances as far as they can go, rather than turn away the swelling number of women turning up each week.


So we are 100% confident that our initial contributions will not be a drop in the ocean of a large NGO budget with big overheads, but will provide a significant relief of financial pressure from this under-resourced project and free Georgina up to do what she does best - support women in need.

Homeless Womyn’s Lunch Project, Sydney, Australia

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